About Karla

In life our passion and purpose doesn’t always come gift wrapped with ribbons and bows. It was through my own painful loss and grief that brought me to where I am today.

I began my journey over twenty years ago working in hospice and being by the bedsides of hundreds of patients as they took their last breath. For the past fifteen years I have experienced the continued awakening to my true calling, passion and purpose in life. With this self realization I embraced the opportunity for teaching, communicating, and facilitating others in their healing and the healing of grief in our world.

After the sudden loss of my husband and daughter I began my own heartbreaking struggle of becoming whole again. It was through my dedication and commitment to me and to my loved ones that led me to living my life in harmony with who I am,  loving my life and the work I share with others.

Along the way I founded the non-profit organization Safe Harbor Support committed to helping others coping with sudden loss in the vacuum of grief. By bringing forward a compassionate approach I brought awareness to DPS and their understanding of grief in the State of Arizona; what was once fifteen minutes of training is now one hour, I have assisted Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies with death notifications and provided on site support to the families when they received the tragic news; In addition to working with law enforcement I have also trained and worked with the Arizona Prosecutors office with the victim advocates team, police officers, fire chiefs, fire fighters and other crisis response agencies as a volunteer and gave workshops on grief for continued training and healing.

I have worked with the Arizona Donor Network, providing counseling to family members of the donors and have been a seminar leader at donor networks annual Donor Recognition Ceremony where each living donor recipient and the donor family are publicly acknowledged for their courage.

It was through writing my book, Grief – The Universal Emotion of Loss, that I am able to share my passion with the world. Although, I have received many acknowledgments and accolades, certifications, a degree, and I’m continuing to work on another degree, I feel all of these accomplishments alone do not replace experiencing grief first hand. Grief is not a mental disorder, it is not something to be judged or diagnosed; grief lives in the body and is a matter of the heart.

Presently, I have a private practice at Wellspring Holistic Center In Tempe where I see clients dedicated to the healing process of their grief. My practice also includes traveling to corporations, businesses, and doing public speaking and book signings. It is my continued hope and commitment to open hearts by bringing more awareness, education, and support to those who are in grief, and for those walking alongside people who are in grief.